New Product – Personalised Childrens Wedding Activity Packs

New Product – Personalised Childrens Wedding Activity Packs

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I’m very excited, I have been working on getting a range of Personalised Activity Packs for Kids, based around our Little Me designs, ready to offer live on our website and on our Etsy store, and the first in the range has hit the stores today!

First up is Weddings!! I love a good wedding, and its so wonderful to share such special days with family and friends, and that usually means the smallest members of the family too, but the littlest guests can get a little bored during dinner and the speeches, these packs are perfect for keeping them happy and entertained until they can slide across the dancefloor on their knees and twirl with the Bride.

IMG_5553 copy

These fully personalised and customizable activity packs make a great addition to your day. Six Colouring and Puzzle designs are printed on A4 160gsm card and personalised in a range of ways, from your names and wedding date, to an opportunity to send your young guests a message and our Page Boy and Bridesmaid packs come with an additional page with a little lookylikey for them to colour along with their Name and Title for the day. All of this plus a packet of 10 mini colouring pencils, complete with personalised packaging which can be customised to match your wedding colour scheme.

IMG_5541 IMG_5536

Prices start at £5 for 1-5 packs, if you are ordering 5-10 packs your will receive 10% off, 10-20 packs you will receive 15% off and 20 or more packs you will receive 20% off.

Available at our website:

and in our Etsy Store:

Next up Superheroes…keep your eyes peeled!



2 thoughts on “New Product – Personalised Childrens Wedding Activity Packs

  1. Arielle Goodbourn says:

    These are so special! You should be so proud of what you have achieved! So unique… If I did it over again I would love to get these xxxx


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